Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - PLC DAY - 3 May 2017

Advanced Russian:

Many of you have been absent this week due to AP Testing. I hope that you've felt successful there. Remember that on Friday we'll have our second quizzes for this most recent unit. Your study tips are below:

Russian II - Plurals in all cases for all parts of speech, double negatives, adverbs of quantity and some vocabulary. Make sure that you are prepared by reviewing your exercises, notes, and especially your work with cases.

Russian III - Participles and verbal adverbs will be the focus of this quiz as well as work with который phrases related to this.

Russian IV - Review of "White Nights" in full including writing and vocabulary skills.

Russian I:

Next class we will have the Unit Three exam. It'll cover a lot of your foundational skills (alphabet, cases, gender) as well as the new skills from unit three (singulars/plurals, adjectives/adverbs, conjunctions). Make sure that you study your previous quizzes and keep working on your writing to study and review for this assessment.

If you are working on your writing, I will check them again before Tuesday's class. Make sure that you've corrected your previous work and that you have finished all five of your paragraphs!

English II:

Today we finished Spirited Away and I collected viewing guides. This film is going to be one of the things that you can analyze for your final writing project on character analysis. I'll have the guides returned to you soon. Remember that there are now seven classes until your exam. I hope that you're preparing yourself well.

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