Monday, May 15, 2017

Homework/Reminders - A Day Students - 5/15/2017

Advanced Russian

Make sure if you need to that you watch a few other episodes of Ночные Ласточки on in order to continue building your characters. You can access the whole season on YouTube - we've watched episodes one through four.

Additionally, tonight you should study the vocabulary on the first page of the packet and read through the dialogues a few times so that you can understand what they are about, generally. You should be able to locate vocabulary being used within the dialogues.

Russian I

Today in class we finished the film I Walk Around Moscow. The link to the video is here. If you were not in class then you should finish watching the movie in order to complete your viewing guide. Additionally, remember that next class you will be presenting one of your family members to me. Practice your reading. Make sure that your writing is solid and has been checked for grammar and vocabulary errors.

English II

Today in class we began the study of our last short story "Saboteur" as well as the work on our essays. Next class we will be in the computer lab to begin typing our essays and to do our EOC Online Tutorial. If there is any work that you would like to resubmit or redo to raise your grade at the end of the quarter then make sure that is all in to me ASAP. My gradebook will be closed on Thursday the 25th of May.

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