Thursday, May 11, 2017

Homework for A and B Day Classes - 5/10 and 5/11

Sorry for not getting this posted yesterday. With the AP Exam in English III and the field trip today for Advanced Russian, I got a bit behind.

AP English III

Boom! You did it! You took the test! Yay! Now we can move on to finishing up our unit on the Constitution of the United States. On Friday we'll begin to end our unit by looking at our amendments and preparing for our teaching and study of them as a group. Be ready to work in class on Friday to prepare your teaching element. It'll be a poster/visual that we'll use next week as we study the amendments as a class.

English II

We have read some early Chinese literature with the maxims and teachings of Confucius and next class we will go on to some more modern Chinese literature with one of my favorite authors, Ha Jin. This will be our last reading of the year. We will also continue to work on our essays by finalizing our introduction paragraphs and going to our first body paragraphs. Remember that every day of class we will be completing one of our essay paragraphs.

Russian I

I hope that you all enjoyed the beginning of the film today and were able to get a lot of work done with your family projects. You should have all five paragraphs in a slide show format so that I can check on your work and give you any needed feedback. My goal is that we will have maybe one more session in class to work on these before they are due next week. Remember that with one of your family members I will want you to speak aloud to me. Practice this now.

Advanced Russian

You should take the time this weekend to complete your profile on your character for the final speaking assignment. Given what you have seen about the person from the episode, what is the backstory that they'll be coming into on the talk show? If you're viewing or hosting or acting as the psychologist - then what is your motivation? What are you trying to find out? Use the questions on the viewing guide to structure this.

Also, remember that you should include ten words that your character would use on the show. Give me the words in nominative case forms or in their infinitive (if a verb) - I'll give you any notes on usage or tips with using them.

I think that's all for that. Enjoy the weekend (A Day) and see you tomorrow (B Day)!

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