Friday, May 12, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 12 May

AP English III

If you did not finish your teaching aide for Tuesday's class please make sure that it is complete and turned in on Tuesday for the presentations on the amendments. Remember that you should go over the:

  • context for the amendment
  • purpose of the amendment
  • significant language from the amendment which informs the purpose
  • changes the amendment brought to the Constitution (if any)
If you complete this work online then make sure that it is shared to me. Remember that your aide may not be bigger than a single piece of paper.

Tuesday we will go through the amendments and finish our unit on the Constitution. Thursday we will have our literature circle on one of my favorite short story authors. Monday the 22nd we will have Student Services come to speak about senior year preparations; I will give you some pointers for the college essay. On Wednesday the 24th we will have our end of year party. Don't forget to complete your Character Sheets for the party.

English II

At this point of the year you should continue to study and prepare for the EOC. Additionally, if there are any assignments that you are missing or would like to resubmit to me, then you can do that at your leisure. I'm available in the morning, at lunch, or quickly after-school.

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