Thursday, May 25, 2017

Official Last Day of Classes - A Day - 25 May

Advanced Russian

Today was our final day of speaking and using Russian in a regular class setting! I hope you enjoyed the time to use the Russian you have and to be a bit spontaneous. Yay for that! Keep in mind that any textbooks should be returned ASAP if they have not been written in.

Your review session is scheduled for the afternoon of May 30th and the exam will follow on the morning of the 31st. If you are taking the exam, I would recommend coming to the final review to review the specific tasks and themes on the exam.

Russian I

I hope that you all enjoyed our final look at Russian culture. One of the most intriguing thing to me about Russia is the way that it is coming into the modern world while it still maintains so many of its connections to the past. They're an interesting people, Russians are, full of contradictions that serve to make them more interesting.

Your review session is scheduled for the afternoon of June 1st - the exam will follow on the 2nd in the morning. Be on time! Don't forget to return any textbooks or other supplies you've been given this year.

English II

I am glad that many of you were able to be productive and finish your final essay assignments. I will have these graded tomorrow and your grades will be finalized for the quarter as well as the semester. Your final grade for the year is the EOC which can still greatly improve or bring down your grade for the year (it counts as twenty percent of your grade).

Your review session will be held on the afternoon of the 5th of June and the exam will follow on the 6th in the morning. Our exam will be in the Media Center.

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