Friday, May 5, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 5 May 2017

Advanced Russian:

If today's assessment came as a surprise to you today, then please take the time over the weekend to study and prepare for a reassessment on the topics which troubled you. We have pretty much finished with the new grammar and topics for the year - for the rest of our time together we will be reviewing and preparing for our final speaking assignments.

Also, please make sure to fill out your permission slips and return them to me ASAP. I have already contacted your teachers to let them know about the trip - you need to follow up with them.

Russian I:

Same note as above to you on the exam today. Think about the particular topics or areas of the test that gave you trouble and spend your time preparing and studying for a reassessment if you need to. You also need to make sure that all of your paragraphs are uploaded into Google Classroom by Tuesday's class so that we can begin to end our final project of the year and move into our final film study for the year!

English II:

Make sure that over the weekend you are studying your vocabulary crossword from "Rama and Ravana in Battle". Your final vocabulary quiz of the year will cover these words. Next week we will start to read our final story of the year and begin to work on our final major writing assignment.

Make sure that if there are assignments on your progress report that you would like to redo or reassess on that you prepare for that this weekend!

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