Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Homework for A-day Classes: 9 May 2017

С Днем Победы!
Happy Victory Day!

I hope that all of you in Russian class enjoyed celebrating the holiday today. Below are your reminders for our next class day.

Advanced Russian:

Either using you notes from today's episode of Night Swallows you should be building your character for the final speaking assignment. You should write a paragraph in English that discusses your person: Why are they on the show? What tension do they have with others? How will they act or dress? Make sure that you are drawing your character off of the episodes. Keep in mind, all of the episodes are available online.

You should also find ten words in Russian that would be used by your character. Write these with their translation at the bottom of your paragraph. I'll be able to give commentary on if the words are accurate or not.

Russian I:

Next class we will begin watching our final Russian film of the year and complete our PowerPoints related to our families, in Russian. Next class you'll have half of class to finish uploading your writing to your PowerPoint presentations. I'll check the PowerPoints this weekend and give any feedback to you on grammar.

Remember that one of your slides/paragraphs will be presented to me, aloud. We will do this next week on Wednesday. Be ready for that with all of your writing done!

English II:

You've gotten back a lot of your work and I've given you progress reports. If there is anything that you would like to resubmit or continue to revise in order to get a stronger grade, please do that before the end of the quarter. Next class we will begin writing our essay, starting with the introduction paragraph. Be prepared for that.

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