Monday, May 1, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - 1 May 2017

Happy May Day! С Первым Мая!
For those of you absent due to AP Testing - please pay close attention. You are still responsible for what we do in class, even when you are absent.

Advanced Russian:

You will have your final quiz on Friday which will cover the more recent topics in this unit. Make sure that you are studying and preparing. Russian II's quiz will cover plurals, adverbs of quantity, and double negative expressions. Russian III's quiz will cover participial phrases, deverbal adverbs, and который phrases, Russian IV's quiz will cover "White Nights" and vocabulary analysis.

Russian III - Please complete the translation of the two mystery texts from our reading practice.
Russian IV - Please submit your essay via Google Docs on "White Nights"
Russian II - Please continue working on your writing assignment - the short story about your items using adverbs of quantity. The prompt is copied here:  Think about your items in your bookbag, or in your car, or perhaps in your bedroom at home? What do you have a lot of? What do you have little of? What did you have much of? What will you have little of? What do you never have a lot of?

Russian I:

Your rough draft space is available on Google Classroom. Please ensure that by Wednesday you have completed your first three paragraphs as a rough draft. I will read them, mark comments, and then we will continue to revise and move toward a final draft in Google Slides (with images).

Also, we have our unit examination on Friday. I hope that you are preparing by using the study guide I prepared for you.

English II:  If you are missing any assignments or would like to resubmit any assignments, please turn those in or work with me during lunch, before or after school to complete the reassessment.

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