Thursday, September 1, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 1 September 2016

Happy birthday to my Oma!  I'm calling her right after I finish writing this.  Here are your reminders for the long weekend in which we celebrate the Labor movement (go workers!) and my birthday!

English II

There's nothing for you to complete this weekend - if you were newly added to class, please complete your forms.  If you are interested in learning more about the Holocaust and other genocides around the world, the US Holocaust Memorial and Museum has some really great resources.  See their website at

On Tuesday we'll start watching our film and work more with new vocabulary.

AP English III

This weekend we're going to continue reviewing Capote's text and do some close study of new vocabulary from the text.  On Tuesday, we'll be discussing Section II of the text - "Persons Unknown" as well as getting to Didion.  To prepare, review your annotations and maybe reannotate some passages based on our very wonderful discussions today.

Also, you have your vocabulary for the book to begin to study.  As you look over the list, follow the instructions on the bottom to work through this assignment.  Find the context, decide the meaning, investigate the structure isolate any known word parts (including prefixes, roots, and suffixes - morphemes of all types).  I highly suggest working in that order.  We'll start to investigate them as a class on Tuesday and work with some very productive ones from the list.

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