Friday, September 2, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - 2 September - A Day

Russian II-IV

This weekend I want you all to keep working with your verb knowledge.  Now you know (or have reviewed) the present and past tense endings for the conjugation patterns as well as knowing how the stems relate to the conjugation patterns - it's time to put all of this together.  Take the five verbs that you have been working on and conjugate them for present and past tense.  As you conjugate - do the conjugations in ST before going to Russian.  Show how the stem combines with the ending, show what process happens, and then show what this means in Russian letters.  It's my hope that things are starting to make sense to you with all of this.

Be prepared for a transcription quiz soon.

Russian I

We've now learned our three groups of letters - the friends, the false friends, and the Greeks - we only have one group left to finish the whole alphabet.  This weekend, work on your handwriting packets.  You should complete everything up through exercise thirteen on page six.  Feel free to work ahead if you would like.  I'll collect this when we finish learning our letters for a homework check.

English II

This weekend you have some writing to do for us.  Read the prompt on conformity carefully and go through the tasks on the front of the sheet.  Work through those tasks and complete them on the sheet.  They'll help you to put the paragraph together on the back.  Do your best with this writing - we'll spend time working on it to revise it and make it stronger.

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