Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Homework for A Day - 31 August 2016

Russian II-IV

Tonight keep working on your five verbs.  Tonight you should be able to find the stem for each of your five verbs.  Practice writing out the process by which the stem joins with the ending to create the infinitive.  Show if it is addition or truncation.  Use your glossaries to find the stems and the verbs.

Russian I

Make sure that you are continuing to work through your handwriting packets.  You should complete the second and third pages tonight.  Keep reading!

English II

If you haven't turned in your forms, try to get them in to me on Friday.  Be sure that you think about our key vocabulary for the unit - you'll see it again on Friday.  Keep in mind ideas like inhumanity, genocide, prefixes, suffixes, and morphemes.  We'll keep learning more on Friday and start our film study.

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