Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 7 September 2016

Russian II-IV

As we are getting more comfortable with the different stems, I want you to continue to practice with them to learn this system.  Today we went over the (N/S -a) and (-a) stems.  Use your glossary to find a verb of each type and take it through its conjugations.  Work with these and learn them.

Don't forget you have a quiz coming next week.

Russian I

Tonight you will basically finish the whole handwriting packet with the exception of the word searches and the other exercises I told you to skip.  You should finish writing all of the letters of the Russian alphabet.

English II

Today as we worked in the computer lab, Ms. McCormick and I saw a lot of good things going on.  I'm glad you were all able to get logged in to our Google Classroom.  Please make sure that you have finished the front side of the worksheet/planning.  We'll be returning to the computer lab next week to keep working on these writing assignments.

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