Thursday, March 17, 2016

Homework for A-Day Students: Weekend Edition - 17 March 2016

Remember that when we return next week we will have a four day week.  The grading period ends on Thursday, and I will leave for Europe on Friday meaning that the last day you have to do anything for your grade is Thursday.

Russian II/III

Russian II Students should finish working on the rough draft for the weather report.  Follow the format and use the vocabulary from the new unit since this is the vocabulary that you will need to know for upcoming quizzes and tests.  Remember to focus on using the dative case appropriately, as well as adjectives versus adverbs.  I'll check your work next class.

Russian III Students should finish the exercise we began in the textbook.  Please remember to write out all of the forms of the short form adjective and to mark the stresses.  This will help us to complete the other practice exercise on this topic.

Russian I

I'm very impressed at how much faster a lot of you are getting with your work on cases.  Keep practicing!  It's the only way to get faster.  This weekend you should write the rough draft (черновик) for your political candidate.  Remember to cover all of the information and to use your adjectives and your cases.  Remember to use vocabulary that you know and focus on sentence structures.  Next week we will put these together and move on to finishing this unit.  I am looking at you having your unit exam the week we return from Spring Break.

English II

For homework you should begin the drafting of Paragraphs Three and Four for your mini-essay.  The third paragraph focuses on your example from The Stranger and your last paragraph is your conclusion.  Use the outline that we created in class.

You should also read Chapter Three.  It's a bit lengthy.  Fill in your detail organizers as you read and make sure to find any new vocabulary that you can use.

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