Friday, March 11, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 3/11/2016 - The Weekend

Russian II/III

We had our unit exam today so the homework for the weekend is generally light.  Begin studying your new vocabulary for the chapter.  Start to make flashcards/study aides and to use the vocabulary as quickly as you can.  The words are very useful, so you should be able to work them into your regular routines quickly.

Remember to read through your chapter.  Russian II - Pay attention to the use of the dative case, and the rules for creating plurals in the cases.  Russian III - Pay attention to short form adjectives.  There's a lot of nitpicky grammar here for Russian III; it'll be really fun.

Russian I

Over the weekend you're working through exercise nine.  For the exercise you have different cases that you're working through using all of the charts we've created in Russian I.  Remember that for each case you need to write four more complete sentence answers as we did today in class.  For all of the other words/sentences/questions you just have to change the words in parenthesis to the appropriate case.  We'll keep pushing back the quiz/exam until I feel that you're ready for it.

English II

Over the weekend make sure to complete the back of your writing planning sheet.  Follow the instructions in the post for the B-Day students to do this.  Remember that you can use information from Part One or from Part Two - depending on what you've read so far.

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