Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 15 March 2016

Russian II/III

Tonight all of you should continue spending time working on your vocabulary for the new unit.  Your homework is geared to have you continue this work.

Russian II Students - Using your new knowledge of the dative case work through exercises four and five.  In exercise four you need to write out everything including the numbers.  In exercise five, pay attention to the use of adjectives versus adverbs.

Russian III Students - Finish working through the first exercise on nationalities and then read pages 460 to 464 and take notes on the concept before we talk through it next class.

Russian I

Tonight I want to make sure that you all do a few things for me.  First, to any of you who didn't finish the writing about your bedroom in class, make sure that is complete for me next class.  Evidence of translator use will result in a zero on this assignment.  Second, make sure that you are working with your charts tonight - start to memorize and start to practice so that this information starts to stick in your head.

We likely won't do the unit exam until after Spring Break.  That being said, we will have a final speaking assignment to go over all of this.  That is exercise twenty-two.  Select a presidential candidate and plan a eight sentence description.  For tonight you should complete a vocabulary list to describe your candidate.  I will check your vocabulary list next class.

English II

Tonight you have two things to do:  First, finish reading Chapter One - we have about three pages left to finish.  Many of you didn't get your sound imagery from the chapter - pay attention to the voices.  That'll work for the sound imagery.  Then, make sure that you go on and read Chapter Two - complete your detail grabbers as you read.

The other work for tonight is for you all to finish your writing planning sheets.  Either from Chapter One of Part Two or from Chapters One through Six of Part One you should be able to find one quotation.  Once you've found your quote that relates to your thesis statement, start working through the steps.  First put it in your own words, then explain it so that I can see how it applies to your main idea.  This will be the meat of your third paragraph which we will work on next class.

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