Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Homework for A-Day Students - 9 March 2016

Russian II/III

We will be having our unit exam next class on verbs of motion with prefixes (III) or non-prefixed (II).  Make sure that you are thoroughly preparing your knowledge of cases and prepositions paired with verbs of motion.  Additionally, make sure that you know how to conjugate these verbs in the past and in the present tense.

Russian III Students - Know your prefixes and how the prefixes combine with the verbs.  Don't forget about spelling shifts or inserted letters.

Use your vocabulary card to prepare for the writing assignment in Russian.  Remember with Russian III we are giving directions using verbs of motion from your house to the mall, to downtown, and to a park.  Russian II - You have to talk about getting around before and after getting a license.

Russian I

We will NOT be having our quiz next class.  We need to do some more work to prepare.  Next class we'll finish our writing assignments that we started today and I'll collect them for a grade.  We will also take a look at some new charts with adjectives and nouns to understand some of our case issues.

Make sure to take a look at Exercise Nine in Chapter Two.  There are a lot of exercises here to work with cases that will help you to work through the changes and the reasons behind those changes.

Keep studying and working.

English II

Next class we have our quiz on Part One of The Stranger as well as "After the Deluge" and "The Myth of Sisyphus" - study your notes and vocabulary.  Be prepared!

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