Monday, March 21, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 21 March 2016

Russian I

For tonight you should finish putting together your presentation on your presidential candidate and practice reading aloud your sentences.  This will be your final grade for the quarter.

Additionally, remember that you should start your study program for spring break.  There are several days that you have where you can spend your time reviewing concepts and completing exercises to review the content in Lessons 1 and 2.  Remember to try to focus on a few new vocabulary words every day.  Complete a few exercises to help you review the concepts.

If you want some online resources I recommend the UCLA Online Textbook, Master Russian, or the audio files for our textbook at the links in this post.

Russian II and III

II's - Tonight you should be finishing the rough drafts of your writing about the weather and the needed clothing for that particular weather.  Make sure that you are also discussing the weather for the following day.  Additionally, we have the grammar exercises for this chapter that review cases in general - exercise 7.1 and 7.2.  I would recommend working through these the best that you can to review the cases of Russian grammar and where they are used.  This will be very important as we move on into our work on plurals.

III's - Tonight you should be focusing on finishing the exercise on short-form versus long-form adjectives.  Complete the exercise sentences that we did not complete in class.  Notice the cases used along side of short-form adjectives.  Even though the adjective itself is nominative case, it can work in conjunction with other cases.

Make sure that you all are working on your new vocabulary!

English II

For any of you that did not turn in a full rough draft today of your essay, make sure that it gets in to me before our next class so that I can give you notes and feedback on your writing.  For tonight, you should spend some time with the progress reports I gave you.  First, make sure you have not missed an assignment that you need to do.  If so, you have Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to get that done.  Second, if you have rubles it's time to cash in.  Remember that I'll add one point to a homework for 10 Rubles, one point to a quiz for 50 rubles and one point to a test for 100 Rubles.  We will do exchanges next class.

Lastly, make sure that you're caught up with the reading of The Stranger.  We'll be finishing the book before we leave for break.

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