Tuesday, March 22, 2016

B Day Student Homework - 3/22/2016

AP English III

For our next class you should read and annotate your copies of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave".  If you were not in class today you can find it at this link.  Remember that since it's an allegory everything is symbolic - consider especially the sun, the fire, the darkness, the cave, and the idea of blinding.  This lines up explicitly with what we discussed today in class related to Invisible Man so hopefully you're able to make sense of both as you read.

After you finish the reading, consider this video about Plato and his allegory.  You may want to watch this as you complete your confusion card.

Lastly, we have our reading for Spring Break and our papers to settle.  Remember that you are expected to read Chapter 23-25 over Break.  You will not read the Epilogue.  You should complete your blogs the week we return with your final analysis post (23-25) and synthesis post (end section of the novel).  We will finish our mural project during the week of the 11th.

English II

By this point we are basically done for the quarter.  Make sure that if there's anything missing for the quarter that you have it turned in by Thursday at 3:00 so that I can grade it for this quarter.

You should be focused on revising your essays and continuing to build them as we move forward into the 4th nine weeks.  We'll be going to the library next class to select book for our extra credit project.

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