Friday, March 4, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 4 March 2016

English II

Great reading group today y'all!  I'm impressed by how engaged you all were and how rich our discussion was of the final chapter.  Good work!  For the weekend - I need you all to finish up with your essays and writing planning sheet.

Make sure that you have finished your introduction paragraph and personal example paragraph.  Remember to use the writing planning sheet as well as the outline we discussed last class.  I've posted it below.  You can type this rough draft or hand write it.

Move on to finishing the back of the writing planning sheet as well since we've finished the first part of The Stranger.  For step seven - begin by thinking of a scene from the book that aligns with your main idea/thesis - then reexamine that section to find yourself a quotation.  Once you have the quotation, then go to step eight and rewrite the quotation in your own words so that you understand what it is saying.  Lastly, step nine - explain the way that the quote relates to your main idea in the essay.

If you want to put this together as your third body paragraph - go ahead.  If not, we will do that next class as we type our essays.

AP English III

I will be reading and grading your timed writings this weekend.  So far I've enjoyed what I've seen - you are applying what we've learned about the writing process and the technicalities of writing a synthesis.  Good!

For the weekend you have two things to accomplish - first, make sure that you have completed your fifty percent draft so that you have it ready to submit for Tuesday.  You will be graded on your conference and I've attached the rubric here.  For those of you coming on Monday morning I'll have a copy of the rubric ready for you.  Make sure that you have prepared distinct questions for me to answer with this conference - I won't have the time in 15 minutes to read your whole paper.  Also, don't be late.

The other work that you have this weekend is to keep up with your reading of Invisible Man.  Your next checkpoint is on Tuesday - to be to the end of Chapter Fifteen.  We'll deal with Chapters 11 through 15 on Tuesday as well as a bit of Staples to finish him up.

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