Thursday, March 10, 2016

Weekend Homework - B Day Students - 10 March 2016

Yay for the beautiful weather and the weekend!  It's going to be a good one!  Here are your reminders for the weekend.

English II

Your quiz scores are in.  To those of you whose essays I have misplaced, my apologies.  Come check in with me tomorrow and I'll hopefully have your essay with my feedback or I can get a new copy from you and redo the work.

This weekend your goal is to finish the back of your writing planning sheet so that we can move on to draft paragraph three and the conclusion next week.  Remember that you want to find a quotation from The Stranger which will help you to prove your thesis.  Think about the book and try to find a scene that relates to your point, then find the specific quote.

Once you have your quote, you can go through the steps.  We'll turn this into a paragraph next week.

Be sure as well that all of your other work is turned in.  Don't fall behind this close to the end.

AP English III

This weekend you will be working on your blogs and your reading of Invisible Man.  You will be reading Chapters 16 through 19 this weekend.  Focus on the Brotherhood and the new characters that the Invisible Man meets - especially Brother Tod Clifton.  He's a very important character.  You should post your analysis post on your blog by the time we meet for class on Monday.

You also need to make sure to post your synthesis assignment for Chapters 8-15.  Remember the goal of the post is to consider the meaning and purpose of the motifs.  Consider your previous synthesis post as you do this - is it the same?  different?  stronger?  weaker?  What's going on with this?

Lastly, don't forget your research papers!  You should be constantly revising and working more to push them forward.

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