Friday, March 18, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 18 March

English II

Make sure that if you are going on the field trip in May that you have submitted your permission slip by Tuesday.  I'll be opening space on the bus to other classes after Tuesday.

For the weekend make sure that you read Chapter Four and that you complete your detail grabber and vocabulary for the chapter.  Also, you have your progress reports.  If there is late work that you want to do for credit, take care of that.  I'll collect rubles next week from anyone who wants to bring up their grades with those extra credit points.

Make sure as well, everyone, that you have finished all four paragraphs of your essay.  I know that some of you are behind on this.  This will be the final grade for the quarter and needs to be complete.

AP English III

For the weekend you have your reading of Chapters 20 through 22.  This will be our last section of reading before Spring Break.  You'll also need to do the analysis post for these chapters based on your motifs.  Pay close attention to Tod Clifton - he's so important here.

If you were absent today you must make sure to complete the AP Multiple Choice practice before Thursday's class.  Tuesday afternoon is a good time for you to make up this assessment.  Also - make sure that if you haven't conferenced with me about your paper that you settle that on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

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