Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 2 March 2016

English II

Tonight you're going to take the work that you've done on your writing planning sheets and put it all together for your first two paragraphs of your four paragraph essay.  Remember that you will be using the information in steps one and two to create your thesis and introduction paragraph.  You'll be using the information in steps four and five to create your first body paragraph.

Your introduction should:

  • state the topic of your essay - use the overall statement for this - create a question, image, or find a quote that relates to this idea.
  • state your thesis - make sure that you have your stance on this belief, what the belief is, and why you have this stance
Your body paragraph should:
  • introduce the topic of the paragraph and its connection to the thesis
  • state your personal example in a way that engages the reader (imagery)
  • explain how the personal example proves your thesis
You do not have to type this work - having a written draft will be great.  We'll finish the rest of the essay after we finish reading Part One.  Remember that this essay will be your test on Part One of The Stranger.

AP English III

For next class we have the reading of Chapters Eleven and Twelve.  Chapter Eleven is very strange - get through it the best that you can.  Generate questions.  Chapter Twelve is much more straight forward - pay attention to the biblical allusions throughout the chapter - I think they're pretty significant.  Don't forget your blogging analysis post for Chapters Eleven and Twelve.

Next class our heavy lifting will be the Synthesis timed writing.  We'll treat this just like the actual synthesis prompt for the AP Examination - you'll have fifteen minutes to read and prepare your documents and then forty minutes to write your essay.

Lastly, don't forget our writing conferences beginning next week and rough drafts due on Tuesday.  I will begin conferences on Monday for anyone who needs to come early.  Make sure that you have your draft prepared.  If you need a new grade for your outline, make sure to bring this to your conference.  You will need your introduction paragraph and two sequential body paragraphs and your works cited page for the conference.

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