Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break Work - A Day Students

You've made it.  Today was our last A Day before break!

Russian I

We have our unit exam when we return from break which will cover the grammar from unit two and from unit one since these two units are so closely related.  You should be focusing on your tables from unit two.  Make sure that you're focusing on tables one through six.  From the case functions all the way through the words "this" and "that".  Remember that many of your endings are the same.  Focus on the similarities.

Spend your time over break learning and reviewing vocabulary and verbs from these units.

Don't forget your exercises in your textbook and the practice available online.  These links are located in the previous post for Russian.

Russian II/III

We will be having a quiz on the most recent grammar once we return from break.  II's - Your quiz will focus on dative case uses and weather vocabulary.  Stay focused here.  Be working on your projects based on the feedback you received today in our writing workshop.  III's - Hopefully you've received enough practice with short and long-form adjectives that you are clear on their use.  Keep studying your vocabulary and the grammar concepts we have focused on in this unit.  You may also want to review long-form adjectives in cases; that grammar is an important related topic.

English II

We will finish The Stranger when we return from break.  If you have any late work to turn in, make sure that it gets turned in tomorrow no later than 2:40 so that I can finalize my grades.  You have no work to complete over break, but you might want to get started on your extra credit project for the last quarter.

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