Monday, March 14, 2016

14 March 2016 - B Day Homework

English II

The important things for you all to do tonight are to read Chapter Two of The Stranger and complete your detail grabber and your vocabulary for the chapter.  Additionally, make sure that you have finished the back of your writing planning sheet - we'll have time next class to really work through the back and to start drafting those paragraphs.

The other thing to work on tonight is Study Island.  I've unlocked one assignment for you all on theme.  Feel free to work through this to collect your ribbons.  I'll start paying you out for them soon.

AP English III

In the post below you have access to your collaborative vocabulary slides - start to put those together as soon as possible.  Remember that you can do it on paper if you have issues with the posting.  For tonight, you should all continue working on your rough drafts and final drafts of the research paper - I'll have documents for you next class to help you with the development of these.

Your next reading checkpoint with Invisible Man is next Tuesday - we'll need to be through Chapter 22.  You'll need to have your analysis post done for that section of chapters.

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