Thursday, March 3, 2016

Homework for A-Day Classes - 3/3/2016 - Weekend Edition

English II

Remember what we learn about choices.  Make choices, change your life.  Make no choices, get nothing.  This weekend you have your rough drafts of your introduction and body paragraph one.  You'll be turning the front of your writing guide into full paragraphs.  Follow the outline in the post below to complete this work.  We will be peer editing and working through these next class.  This is a major homework assignment since the test on part one will be this mini-essay.  See me if you need help.

Russian I

This weekend you have exercise fourteen to complete at the end of Chapter Two.  In this exercise you'll be working with the vocabulary we reviewed today as well as the vocabulary in Chapter One and Chapter Two and all six cases for nouns.  If you need a review of the case work for nouns, go back to Chapter One and look at page 28.

Remember that in order to accomplish this exercise and earn full credit you must write out the questions and the answers.  If the answer has multiple answers you must write out the full sentence for each new answer.

I will begin class next time by checking this work.  It will help you to prepare for our quiz.

Russian II/III

We have exercises to complete working with verbs of motion.  For Russian II - make sure that you can conjugate the verb of motion in the sentence to fit the situation, also be able to translate and explain how the grammar is working in each sentence.  Make sure that on the back you write five additional sentences with verbs of motion.  For Russian III - make sure that you are able to fill in the blank with the conjugated verb of motion, translate the situation and explain the grammar.  You don't have to write anything extra - there are enough exercises to keep you busy.

Make sure that you are studying regularly as we have our unit exam coming up soon.

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