Friday, October 30, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students: 30 October 2015

AP English III

For homework over the weekend you have to complete the next set of chapters - sixteen through nineteen - in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Related to this, check in with your annotations - especially front and back covers.  After this set of reading you will be more than halfway through the text, so your covers should reflect this.  Make sure that characters are paired with important page numbers and that the back covers reflect significant topics/motifs, settings, and symbols.

Related to your reading, you should also be further developing your paper topics.  After this weekend you should have a better idea as to what you are trying to prove or say about this topic or idea in the text.  Remember that this paper is argumentative (you're proving something about the text) and also analytical (you're analyzing the text to prove that you are right).  We'll work through more of this development in class next week.

Lastly, on Tuesday you'll have your next vocabulary cards due.  Use the site to help you with your word origin section of the card.  Remember to find the specific root of the word and that root's meaning.  Additionally, don't forget the synonyms and explanation of how the synonym is different from the original word.

Any paper resubmissions are due by the 18th of November.

English II:

Your homework for the weekend is the same as the A-day students below.  You have your next two chapters of Persepolis to read - be sure to take notes as you read because you will have a quiz on these chapters next class.  Also, work on your projects, you should be able to pick the specific moment in your life and then try to develop that moment.  What happened first, second, third, et cetera.

Lastly, if you didn't have your compare/contrast paragraph ready for today's class it needs to be turned in next class for credit.


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