Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Day Homework - 21 May 2015

Well, we've survived our first day of exams.  Here are the reminders for A-day students to take them through the weekend.

Russian I and II

Your final exam study guides are now in your hands and you have your final assignment which is your last journal entry.  We will have time to really focus on the study guide during our review period before the final exam.  As you review the study guide, use your textbook and other resources.  Begin reviewing grammar, go over your quizzes to see where you have gaps, and learn your vocabulary.  Do a bit each day so that you can accomplish what you need to.

Your journal entry is due by the review session.  I know that many of you have things to prepare for, so I don't want to add to your list.  Some of you got this done today in class, and I applaud that.  Remember that the final journal will focus on the phrase "Это палка о двух концах!"  Write about this phrase, work it into your writing, and remember that by writing you're able to practice your language skills.

English II

Everything is due tomorrow:  essays, extra credit, missing work, everything!  I'll be grading essays this weekend and finishing your grades.  Don't miss this chance to do the final push on your grades.  Some of you have already told me your essays are ready - I'm very proud of how hard you've worked to accomplish this!

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