Monday, May 4, 2015

Homework for Monday - B Day Students - 4 May 2015

And may the fourth be with you...

I can't help letting my nerd flag fly a bit today.  I was always more of a Star Trek kid than a Star Wars, but anyway...Here's your reminder for tonight.

AP English III

Future brought donuts and they were delicious.  I will pay for that at the gym, soon.  Your reminders are in the previous post.  Remember your reading and Google document for your group.  Hat tip to the group that has already set up their document.

English II

For tonight you have two key priorities which are to study for your quiz as well as work on your outlines.  We'll be working a lot on Wednesday on our outlines as well as reviewing for the quiz by looking at some sample questions.  Make sure that you are prepared for this by doing some work in advance.

Keep working on your outlines as the due date has been extended to Friday.  Remember that for the outline you need to have three specific examples/topics that you'll use to prove your point about remembering tragedy.  Remember to use the films and books we've been studying as your topics (or whatever fits your argument, but I recommend using what we're studying in class!).  Explain to me why you think these films or texts are good ways to remember tragedy?  What makes a movie better than anything else?

Thank you especially for being understanding with my sensitivities today.  It was a rough day to be me.

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