Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 13 May 2015

English II

Today we started drafting our essays in the computer lab.  Continue this work.  Remember that by THURSDAY you are turning in your rough draft.  This will be your last grade of the year and your last major grade of the year as well.  Just turning it in will earn you fifty points and then each paragraph will be judged on a ten point rubric.  Have everything and have it complete so that it reflects what you've learned this year.  Next class we will do more work for EOC preparation and watch more of Escape from Sobibor.

Russian I and Russian II

You have your quizzes next class.  Prepare yourselves.  Here are your study tips for tonight:

Russian II:  time expressions (months, days, weeks, years, whole dates), prepositions related to time, numbers, counting rules, ideas related to verb tense and aspect

Russian I:  plurals from singulars, singulars from plurals, possessive pronouns, adjectives, the words meaning also

All of you have big things going on.  Practice and prepare!

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