Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Exam Schedule - 2015

All Students:  Here is my exam schedule over the next few days.  It's important that you not miss your exam since this will delay your final grades for the year.

Russian II:  Review on Friday, 5/29.  Exam on Monday, 6/1.

AP English III:  Review on Monday, 6/1.  Exam on Tuesday, 6/2.

Russian I:  Review on Tuesday, 6/2.  Exam on Wednesday, 6/3.

English II, B3:  Review on Wednesday, 6/3.  Exam on Thursday, 6/4.

English II, A4:  Review on Thursday, 6/4.  Exam on Friday, 6/5.

English II, B4:  Review on Friday, 6/5.  Exam on Monday, 6/8.

If you are in English II we will be testing in one of the computer lab, I'll let you know the location the day of the review.  Russian and AP English students, you'll be testing in my classroom.  Make sure that any missing work is turned in the day of the review as I'll be finalizing grades for the classes at the review.

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