Monday, May 11, 2015

Homework for A day Students - 11 May 2015

As you all saw from today - I'm still sick.  Thanks for bearing with me and tolerating my horribly scratchy voice.  Here are your reminders for tonight:

Russian I and II

Both of you have your second unit quiz this Friday.

For Russian II this quiz will focus on all of the time expressions that we have learned and reviewed these past few classes.  To practice this your homework is your genealogical chart of you and eight relatives.  On the back of your chart you should explain the dates of birth/death for these people.  Remember that if you just have a year it's different than if you have the full date.  Next class we'll focus on reviewing prepositions with time as well as times of day.

For Russian I you should focus on your plurals for your quiz on Friday.  We've read two articles which use plurals and the words for also.  Reviewing these articles as well as the rules we've reviewed for the two words meaning "also" and plurals would be helpful.  Continue to study your vocabulary as we prepare for Friday.

English II

In order to move on to the rough draft portion of our essay assignment you should make sure that you have a complete outline with all three topics clearly outlined.  Many of you need to spend more time working here before you can move on to the actual essay.  For those of you who are ready, you should be drafting your paragraphs using the structures we reviewed in class.  On Wednesday we'll spend half of class in the computer lab writing essays.  Be prepared for this - if you're productive you'll be able to finish your rough draft and you'll have no homework for the weekend.

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