Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LDOC - A Day - 26 May 2015

For A-day students it's LDOC (last day of class) - the only thing now to get through is our review and exam schedule.  Here are your reminders for that:

Russian II

If you are exempt, congratulations.  Please make sure to bring back your class materials like books.  If you are not exempt, I expect to see you on Friday afternoon for our review session and then on Monday morning for our exam.  Use your quizzes to study and prepare.  Don't forget your final journal entry!

Russian I

If you are exempt, congratulations!  Please make sure to bring back your class textbooks.  If you are not exempt I expect to see you on Tuesday (6/2) for the review session and Wednesday (6/3) for our morning exam.  Remember that journals are due for those of you not exempt by the review session.

English II

None of you can be exempt for this exam because it is a state test.  Make sure to report to the review session.  A4's review will be on Thursday (6/4) with the exam the following morning Friday, the 5th.

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