Sunday, May 10, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - B-Day Students - 8 May 2015

I've been feeling sick the whole weekend - nasty and congested.  Here are your reminders from Friday for Tuesday's class.

AP English III

We will be having our last class before the AP Exam on Tuesday.  Make sure that you've read and annotated "The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong" - it's probably my favorite story in the whole selection.  Stay focused on our key motifs and add to the characters as we'll see them develop.  This story is also interesting because it's told in a different voice.  Notice how O'Brien creates character through voice.

English II

I'll be reading your outlines online today and the paper ones turned in to Mr. Owen on Monday.  Everything will be ready for you on Tuesday so that we can move to the next step which is developing paragraphs.  From what I'm seeing so far there are about three issues that I'm seeing which are key:

1.  You haven't clearly outlined three topics.  Remember that two of the topics can be the same text, but they need to show different examples and explanation.

2.  You don't have a clear topic sentence for each topic.  Remember, you want to stay focused on relating your topic back to your idea about remembering tragedy.  Stay focused on your argument.

3.  There is weak explanation.  In your explanation remember to stay focused on the idea within your topic sentence.  How does your example help to display and prove this idea?

Continue working and revising.  Use these tips as you move forward.

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