Thursday, May 14, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students: 14 May 2015

AP English III

We have next week pretty well planned out.  On Monday and Wednesday we'll have our discussion groups.  Three of you are presenting on Monday and three on Wednesday.  Remember to prepare a PowerPoint with your essential questions and your multiple choice questions and send it to me so that we can use them in your presentations.

Also, don't forget about your character cafe next Friday.  You know who you are going to be so now you can start to prep your costumes.  If you're going in a pair, try to coordinate with your partner, right A. Bird?  We'll sign up for refreshments on Monday.

English II

A lot of you got a lot of work done today on your essays.  Congratulations.  Continue working.  Remember that you need to follow the guidelines from our last two days of writing bootcamp.  Take your outlines and remove the labels, put your sentences in the right order, and then add on.  Develop your examples and especially your explanation given what we've been discussing lately.  If you need me to continue working with you on this assignment then please make an appointment to work with me outside of class.  There will be a conference sheet on the door Friday for you to sign up.

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