Thursday, May 7, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 7 May 2015

Russian II

This weekend you all need to do some reading and writing.  Using the family tree reading, complete the three tasks A, Б, В.  Make sure that you focus on your time expressions especially those of years and full dates (day, month, year).  On the back, you should read the letter in Russian handwriting to review grammar and vocabulary.  We will go over this and I will check it on Monday.

Russian I

For homework you have the reading about Moscow State University.  Read the text carefully and then complete the first three tasks on the opposite side with the text.  First, identify all of your conjunctions we've studied in this unit and consider their meaning.  Second, identify the uses of "also" and consider the difference in choice between these words.  Lastly, notice your plurals and rewrite them as singulars.

We will continue to work on this on Monday including the other questions.

English II

Over the weekend you should all continue working on and developing your outlines.  Work hard to follow the instructions carefully.  Remember to outline you don't need to write full paragraphs.  Just list out the important elements -


Topic Sentence:


Explanation of Evidence:

Make sure that you have these three topics done!  Next week we'll move on to drafting and writing our paragraphs and essays.  The outline step must be done before the writing!

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