Wednesday, May 27, 2015

LDOC - B Day Students - 5/27/2015

And now we start the exam schedule.  Here are your reminders to get you there.

AP English III

All of you have grades from your participation in our activity today.  I'll post some photos later.  Please respond to this post with your reflection from the activity.  Remember to think about who impressed you the most and why?  What did you learn from the activity?  General thoughts?  Please post no later than tomorrow evening.

Remember our review session.  I highly recommend that you attend as we will go over the exam and the content you will need to know.

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English II

If you have anything left to turn in, please make sure that it's done by your class review session.


Rachel Geoffrion said...

Rachel Geoffrion
I was Rose of Sharon Joad from John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. From my perspective as Rose of Sharon, I found many of the other Cafe-goers rather pleasant, but some were off-putting. I learned that many of the characters were also rather reserved or conservative in their ideologies or morals. I also learned that many of the characters we read about this year were either out of their minds, or very reserved. Seeing the contrast between these two big categories of personality was shocking and something I hadn’t quite realized about our curriculum. Many of the characters were interesting to see in actor/person form, such as Abby Williams. She took on a specific moment in time as her main acting points, and this interpretation of her character pointed out her dramatic personality. I also really was impressed by each participant’s ability to recall specific facts about their character and interact with one another in a way appropriate to both characters in conversation.
Anyone who interacted with me should know that I began as a hopeful, lower-class pregnant woman who had huge dreams of traveling to California with my husband, Connie, in an attempt to live the perfect life of a house with a dog and a child. I later lost Connie, and subsequently lost hope for my future. The next important moment in my character’s life is the birth of her stillborn child. Rose of Sharon becomes a new, more mature woman after this miscarriage.

Makenzie Elam said...

Ciera impressed me the most because she could relate anything and everything back to Martha. She also impressed me with her outfit/costume, which was amazing. I learned that in different ways the texts are connected and people from different texts can have the same feels and responses as those who are in the text. I loved this not only because of the food, of course, but because we were able to socialize while reviewing for the exam.

Ciera said...

I was Jimmy Cross for the project. What I learned through interacting with the other characters was that Cross is much more reserved than some of the others. While he can take charge and be outspoken, he is not as forward as some of the other characters were. Huck and Tom Sawyer stood out the most to me. They were played really well by Caleb and Alex. Jimmy Cross, being a soldier who suffered through Vietnam, didn't find much amusement out of the two boys who just spouted out lies and stories the whole time. Anyone who interacted with me should know that I served in the Vietnam war and witnessed some horrible stuff and that my character is in love with Martha.

Sam Raburn said...

Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer impressed me the most because they both seemed very accurate and authentic in the points they were making. It was also interesting to see how Huck and Tom interacted with characters from The Great Gatsby seeing how the boys were unfazed by their greed just like they are in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". I was also impressed with Jimmy Cross and his ability to relate EVERYTHING to the Vietnam war. Everyone who met me, Widow Douglas, would know that I am a great godly person who supports slavery and doing the right things.

Taylor said...

I was Myrtle Wilson for this project. Anyone who interacted with Myrtle realized her obsession with material wealth and her upper class fantasies. She shared her disappointments in her husband, George, because he is a lowly auto garage owner and cannot provide the things that Myrtle needs. Interacting with other characters as Myrtle, I realized how different all the characters are from each other. Conversation between books set us up to see all of the contrasting things about the characters, like personality, ambitions, and what they care about. It also allowed me to see similarities between certain characters of the same book that I didn't see before. Because there were so many different types of characters there, the subtler similarities that authors may have intended became clearer to me.
I was really impressed by Tom and Huck. They were always able to reply to comments with things that I thought fit their characters, and I could immediately tell who they were when I saw their costumes. Even though Myrtle and the boys have almost nothing in common, they answered every question and were able to connect their point back to one of the main ideas about Tom or Huck.

Deja Symone said...

During the Character Café activity, Caleb impressed me the most. His accent was so on point, it sounded like his actual voice and his costume was very nice. I learned that when characters from different text interact, there is a possibility that at least two people will have something in common. Although my character, Mary Rambo, was more observant of people, but was willing to talk to anyone that talked to her. She also was the main one that is concerned about religion and racial change in society. Anyone who interacted with me should know that I’m just an old lady, willing to help anyone that comes my way. Then on occasions, have random outburst.

Alexthesuperfish said...

I thought that everyone I met at the party did a good job of taking on key traits their characters had. I especially thought that Evan and Caleb did great jobs as the Invisible Man and Tom Sawyer, respectively. When I met Evan, I introduced myself and asked him his name. He replied with a "well you see...." I immediately caught on. The Invisible Man went on to explain is life in a vague way with events that could have happened to everyone. This ambiguity allowed me to identify him with every black man in America. Caleb's accent keyed me off immediately as to who he was. He also kept on mentioning things he read in books, which was characteristic of Tom Sawyer. Caleb did a great job of making clever comments throughout the event like Tom would have.

Core Statement: John Proctor was a reserved, logical man that suffered a horrible date because he was afraid to admit his major mistake of having an affair.

Alex Bird

Kennedy Donoho said...

During the project, I portrayed Tom Buchanan. Two people impressed me overall during the project and that was Huck and Tom who were acted by Caleb and Alex Service, they acted as them perfectly. Doing this project, helped me learn how the characters really are by bringing them to life. How either stupid or they are or conservative etc. This was probably my favorite project/activity aside from the Skits from the Great Gatsby unit.

Kassim said...

Out of all the characters, Huck and Tom from Huckleberry Finn were the most impressive characters. They were very in character, like I was actually under the impression that I was talking to them instead of Alex Service and Caleb. They did a great job with their accents and sense of humor. They created a playground for the other characters in the classrooms. I learned a lot more about the characters and the reasoning behind their behaviors because we made them real. I really enjoyed this activity and it was a great way to end the class/year, great job Mr. Miller.

yassah reed said...

I was Jay Gatsby from the Great Gatsby. I realized that most of the characters from this year had huge personality or morality flaws even the protagonists had serious problems. Like Gatsby throughout the novel I generally approved of most of his actions but in retrospect his obsession with wealth was ridiculous. I realized Gatsby threw parties and watched life go on around him while he fixated on money, class, and Daisy, which in the end left him as almost less than a person(in that he had nothing to substantial to leave behind only stories). It is only now how tragic the conclusion of The Great Gatsby really is. I also noticed this with other characters like Rose of Sharron, the Widow Douglas, Nick, and Cross and the characters major flaws were the most showing part in the whole activity Rose of Sharon seemed kind of disillusioned, while the Widow and Cross seemed very one track minded, and Nick seemed all over the place(just like the book).
I thought the activity was nice I think John Proctor, Rose of Sharon, Abigail, and of course Plato were the most impressive and stayed true to their characters the most. I struggled with Gatsby since he is so reserved and much of his personality is what he does and others know about him I struggled to find my inner Jay Gatsby. But it was a fun experience.
Yassah Reed