Monday, May 18, 2015

A-Day Students: Homework

A-Day Kids:  Sorry for not posting your work for the weekend.  It slipped my mind.  This will actually serve to get you ready for Thursday.

Russian I and II:

Your journals are due on Thursday as well as any make-up work or finishing work that you need to do.  You'll be watching a film and getting your study guide.  We'll be doing a lot of review the next few days so use the study guides to prepare yourselves.

English II

Essays are due on Friday (normally I'd say Thursday but Friday is the last day, so I'll call it there.)  I'm free after school on Wednesday-Thursday to help you if you need it.  I'll go over the rubric with all of you on Thursday so that you can make any final tweaks to your essay before the final due date.

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