Monday, April 17, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 17 April 2017

And after a wonderful break, we're back to it! Keep pushing hard to the end of the year. We've only got 14 A days left.

Advanced Russian: Don't miss your scheduled Oral Proficiency Interview with Mrs. Sudderth, Dr. Oyediran, or Ms. Verdone. Be early! Speak clearly and understand.

Russian IV - Complete the reading of White Nights and continue tracking the relationship between the characters through quotations. Make sure to record one quotation from/about each for each section (this takes you to seven for each of them). Try to interpret and analyze as you work through them. We'll finish the story on Wednesday.

Russian III - In your textbooks, read the information on GERUNDS (pages 475-477) and take notes as you read. Understand how they are translated and how they are formed. Don't forget to complete the earlier exercises on participles (long and short form).

Russian II - After today's workshop you should be able to finish your drafts on the weather in Durham and in your Russian city. Type or finish writing these sentences so that on Wednesday we can pull together our final drafts. Also, work through more of your plural declensions.

Russian I:

You have a quiz on Friday which will focus on forming plurals as well as vocabulary (reassessment). Make sure that you are studying and reviewing nightly in order to learn this content. On Wednesday we will be learning about Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan. On Friday we will learn about Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Be prepared to present. Make sure that your PowerPoint has been submitted through Google Classroom.

English II:

Very good class today - I'm about to sit down and read your paragraphs. Make sure that you're reviewing the new vocabulary; you'll see it on Wednesday when we read some Zen parables.

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