Monday, April 3, 2017

Homework for Monday - 3 April 2017 - B Day

English II:

Today in class you all had a test - so the homework tonight is pretty light. Next class we'll be having cultural show and tell. Your instructions are as follows:

  1. Bring in an item (or a photo of the item) that represents your personal culture.
  2. Explain how the item represents your culture.
We'll start with our show and tell before we go forward into our study of Asian cultures to end our year.

AP English III:

Tonight you have some Invisible Man work to do as well as a quick writing assignment to finish our work on George Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant."
  • Read/Analyze/Annotate Chapter Twenty Five in Invisible Man. It really is the end of the book - we will deal with the Epilogue together as a group.
  • Make sure that your BLOG is in good shape. You have to post on Chapter Twenty-Five. This is the last required post. All of this work is key to your murals which we will construct on Friday. You should - as a group - decide on the purpose of your motif within the text by this point. You should also find your quotations and images now; it'll make your work on Friday that much more efficient.
  • Complete a quick analysis outline of "Shooting an Elephant" as if you were going to write a rhetorical analysis of it. For the outline identify the authors argument, and then three distinct rhetorical/literary devices he uses to advance that argument. Be able to have at least two examples of each device with commentary. This should only take you about five to eight minutes - it's an important skill for you to get for the timed writings on the AP Exam.

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