Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 5 April 2017

Friday is our last class before Spring Break! Huzzah!!!!

AP English III:

On Friday you'll have your mural construction and presentation day. On this day you'll have forty-five minutes to work as a group to construct your mural and then we will go around and you will explain your mural to the class in a gallery walk. Each member of the group should be able to own the explanation of one aspect of the mural.

I would recommend bringing your quotes and images with you so that these are ready to go. Your group should use your blog as well as your motif chart to bring this together.

For those of you who won't be here on Friday due to trips - I have an individual version of this assignment for you to complete.

Remember that when we return from break we will have our final exam on Invisible Man - this will consist of your timed-writing on Invisible Man (the prompts were given to you today) as well as a final annotation check. Be sure that you use the break to reread, reannotate, and prepare for this test.

English II:

Now that we have begun our study of Asian culture it's important that you stay focused on learning and studying your vocabulary words. Be sure that you are reviewing them daily. Next class we will start in on our study of Japanese culture through the Zen Parables.

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