Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - 4 April

Advanced Russian:

Russian IV - Tonight focus on your survey for Russian language skills and competencies. Make sure to evaluate yourself honestly and thoroughly so that we can decide on a plan of action for the last classes before your AP Exam. Also, try to start getting into "Night Four" of White Nights - I'd recommend reading the first two or three sections and tracking your vocabulary.

Russian III - Tonight, now that you better understand how to use который, you will be able to understand the idea of participles. Read through your textbooks in Chapter Eleven and focus on the information around participles. Just read and take notes on your own - we will go over them a bit on Thursday.

Russian II - Tonight you also have reading in your textbooks. Go through the rules on forming plurals in all cases (they're pretty easy with the exception of genitive case). You may want to develop a declension chart or just take notes. We'll start practicing and using the plurals next class. Also, make sure that you've finished the first exercise all the way on your plural review sheet. Lastly, if you have a quiz to make-up or project work to upload, be sure that this is done ASAP.

Russian I:

Tonight to continue your reinforcement of regular plural formation in the nominative case, complete exercise 2A. Rewrite the sentences changing the boldfaced words from singular into plural.

English II:

Your homework is the same as 4B below - bring in an item that represents your personal culture (or a photo of it) for your homework. We'll have show and tell next class. You'll also be doing a bit of writing too.

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