Thursday, April 20, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 20 April 2017

English II:

Remember that on Monday you're going to have a quiz on your vocabulary words from the Zen Parables - it's going to test your knowledge of the definitions, parts of speech, and your word analysis skills. Make sure that you've not just studied the meaning of the words, but also the prefixes and the roots that we've been learning.

AP English III:

If you were absent from class today because of the matinee production of Legally Blonde then know that you missed a full lesson today on historical context of the US Constitution, a review of rhetorical analysis skills, and a practice analysis of the Declaration of Independence. I would speak to a classmate or to me about the notes you've missed.

Over the weekend you need to read and annotate Article One - the roles and responsibilities of the legislative branch. Also, you'll have your full-length multiple choice practice on Monday. It'll be timed. Review your skills and AP vocabulary in order to prepare for this.

Also, for any of you who missed the Invisible Man timed writing, there will be a chance to make-up the assessment on Monday morning, before school. Remember to bring your book to this make-up assessment since I'll also be checking annotations.

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