Thursday, April 6, 2017

Homework for Russian Classes - A Day - 6 April

What an exciting A Day to take us in to Spring Break. Keep in mind that I won't see you again until after break. English II Students - I didn't have you today, so we'll have our class planned for today when we return from Spring Break.

Russian Students:

You have a great vocabulary resource in your hands - the most common 205 words in the Russian language. Focus on studying and learning these words. Don't worry about ones that look too difficult, but the more common ones should be something that you recognize.

Russian I:

Additionally, please read the text I gave you today in class and answer the questions on the back. This is a great text for you to recognize plurals.

Russian II:

Over break, please write the rough draft for your Russian city weather report - you can put this in Google Classroom with your other work. Additionally, make sure that you are practicing your plural declensions in all cases (maybe with the exception of genitive).

Russian III/IV:

We've got participles. Complete the worksheet where you turn the participial phrase into a который clause and also the translation of the short form participles.

Russian IV:

Finish reading White Nights over break. This will allow us to quickly finish our work on it when we return.

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