Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 19 April 2017

Advanced Russian:

Tonight you should all continue to work on the assignments which have been created for you in Google Classroom. On Friday we will return to the library in order to finish these.

Keep in mind that you also have quizzes coming up soon. For Russian IV the quiz will focus on White Nights, for Russian III the quiz will focus on который phrases and participles, for Russian II the quiz will focus on weather vocabulary and the use of the double negative.

If you have exercises related to these topics (III and II) I would recommend trying to complete those as a way to review before our class.

Russian I:

Very good presentations today everyone. For those of you who didn't present today, you will need to be ready for presenting on Friday. You have your quizzes back to you as well as your writing assignments. Remember that you can correct and resubmit your writing assignment. It is a good idea to study and review your quiz so that you are ready for the reassessment/quiz next week.

English II:

Now that you have your vocabulary study aides it's important to practice and study with your dominoes daily. We'll have a vocabulary test next week!

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