Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Homework for B-Day - 18 April 2017

AP English III

Good day in class today everyone. I'm going to cover a few things in this post regarding our wrap-up of Invisible Man and our beginning of our US Constitution unit.

  1. If you were absent today you must schedule a retake of your exam. I would like for you to come ASAP before school or on Thursday after school. Bring your book for your annotation check. You will have a different prompt.
  2. If you forgot your book today then it is due to me Thursday, the 19th, before school begins in order for you to get credit.
  3. For tonight you are reading and annotating the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. It's important to understand this document as a means to understand the framework and goals the Framers had when considering the Constitution.
  4. You also need to read and annotate the Preamble to the US Constitution with these questions in mind:
    1. Is this the argument of the Constitution? If so, what is its meaning?
    2. What does the Preamble represent about our values as a people?
Don't forget that we will have a guest lecturer in class to start our day on Thursday.

English II:

Using your vocabulary resources you should begin to study and prepare for a quiz on vocabulary and word structure. The quiz will be on Monday of next week!

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