Thursday, April 27, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 27 April

Advanced Russian

For those of you who left for the senior meeting - please pay close attention to the paper I gave you before you left. That states your homework for the weekend. For Russian IV we are working on vocabulary and our synopsis of the story. Russian III is finishing the work on participles and verbal adverbs from the mystery texts. Russian II students are completing the translation exercise (number nine) focused on adverbs of quantity.

Remember that you will have your final quizzes next Friday and then our final unit examinations.

Russian I

Over the weekend you should use the example paragraphs that we reviewed today in class to complete at least three family member paragraphs as rough drafts. Hopefully most of them will be very grammatically correct since we were able to develop them today in class. On Monday we will be in the computer lab to type and upload our work into Google Classroom.

Please do not use translators to do this work for whole sentences. I understand looking up a word or two, but do not use a translator. The translator will show itself because you will be using words or language that I have not yet taught you. Do your own work. Part of the struggle is the process of learning.

You also have your study guides for your Unit Three exam which will happen on Friday the 5th.

English II

I have now handed back all of your work this quarter as well as progress reports. If there is anything that you need to redo or resubmit then you should prepare for that this weekend and be ready to do your reassessment next week.

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