Wednesday, March 15, 2017

PLC Day - 15 March 2017 - A Day Homework

Advanced Russian

Today we began on our new units, so tonight you should focus on learning your new vocabulary words.

Russian II - Read the two weather reports that I gave you. Practice reading them aloud several times. Get familiar with the vocabulary, the cases, and the other grammar used when discussing the weather. Write your own weather report about Durham. Be sure to activate as much of your new vocabulary as you can.

Russian III - Using your textbooks, complete exercise one and two. Practice with your language related to geography, cultures, and nationalities.

Russian IV - Read sections seventeen through nineteen of "White Nights" and answer question 17.1 and 19.1. Answer one question in Russian and another in English. Draw on evidence form the text as you answer.

Russian I

Tonight you should all focus on studying your new vocabulary words. Look through PowerSchool - if there are any assignments you would like to reassess, please plan to take care of that next week.

English II

If you are behind in the reading of Oedipus the King I would recommend getting caught up - you'll have a test on the first act soon. Also, if you are missing any assignments in PowerSchool or Google Classroom then you will want to get those turned in ASAP.

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