Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 22 March 2017

AP English III:

Always question your reality, children. Always look for the fire within the cave. For tonight, you have one thing to complete to turn in and reading to complete.

First, please write a one paragraph response to each of the following questions. You may draw on your experience reading Invisible Man, "Allegory of the Cave", and the reading on addiction. The questions are as follows:

1.  According to the article, do people in "the cave" make healthy decisions?
2.  According to the article, do people naturally want to remain in "the cave"? What does this say about human nature?
3.  In what other ways might a person be in "the cave"? Think about other parts of our society (fashion, careers, lifestyle choices, etc.)

Second, you have reading in Invisible Man - Chapters Twenty through Twenty-Two. Remember to complete your motif blog post and annotate heavily. There's a lot of "Allegory of the Cave" going on in this section. It'll be productive for you to think about.

Lastly, continue working on your research papers. The final drafts will be due very soon!

English II:

This is the final call for any missing or make-up work. It should be in our hands by the end of the day tomorrow!

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