Thursday, March 30, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 30 March 2017

AP English III:

Very good work today everyone on your symbol posters and analysis of the ideas throughout the text. I also think that many of you did a great job discussing Chapter Twenty Four. This weekend we have a few things to work through.

  1. Your research papers are due on Monday. For the paper I expect a checklist form, cover sheet, and rubric. All of these forms were provided in class. I will give you an envelope and you will submit your final draft and checklist in the envelope. I will only accept hard copies of the paper. Do not share it with me. I will not answer questions about the paper this weekend. You have until 4:30 Friday, the 31st to ask your question. After that, you'll have to ask each other or the Purdue OWL. Here is a link to the perfect formatting paper.
  2. Your reading of Invisible Man is not due until Wednesday. You should read, annotate, and blog on Chapter Twenty Five. We will discuss it on Wednesday and also finish with the Epilogue then too. 
  3. Your mural day will be Friday next week - it's important that you start to prepare now for this assessment.
English II:

After today's review you should be in good shape for the final assessment on Oedipus the King. Make sure that you study and review your notes as well as your study guides.

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