Friday, March 17, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Edition - 17 March

Today I remembered to do this before leaving work. Yay for me. Go Heels!

Advanced Russian:

We are quickly approaching the end of the quarter. If you have yet to submit your project or take/finish your Verbs of Motion exam, the time is drawing quickly to a close. Finish and settle these assignments ASAP. See me if you need help or assistance.

Russian II - Over the weekend, continue your work with new vocabulary as well as with the dative case. Complete the exercises using the dative case and weather vocabulary. This is also a good review of your counting rules as you talk about ages and temperatures. You only have to do the evens or the odds from each exercise; you do not have to do all.

Russian III - Today we started to learn about short-form adjectives which look a lot like nationalities, but are not. Practice by taking the list of adjectives I gave you and turn them into their short forms. Not all of them can create short forms, remember to draw on your notes. Once you've made your short forms, make some sentences using the adjectives in short and long form. Make sure that you can explain the difference in meaning.

Russian IV - This weekend keep reading "White Nights". Try to finish this section of the story to the conclusion of Night Two. Also, as you read, keep up with any new vocabulary you encounter - especially words that use your new word part.

Russian I:

Today in class we began to learn about adverbs and how they are formed from adjectives. Take the vocabulary sheet that I gave you and complete the front side. Then, on the back, practice writing. Take an adjective and write a sentence with the word in its adjective form and then in the adverb form. Explain the difference.

Don't forget as well, we will have a culture quiz next week on The Diamond Arm. Review your notes and feel free to rewatch the film - it's on YouTube.

English II:

Next class we will have our assessment on Oedipus the King. Make sure that you know your major characters, the plot, as well as about the different examples of irony we have seen in the story so far. You can access the play online to review portions and you can also see me on Monday for anything that you've missed.

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